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Duo Travagliando à Avatar
Duo Travagliando à Avatar Mirko Sabatini et Jean-Pierre Gauthier (1999)

Avatar invited Jean-Pierre Gauthier and Mirko Sabatini for a two-week residency to pursue their research into aural language.

The two artists of Duo Travagliando, both inventive sculpture enthusiasts, put the finishing touches on a new series of sound machines. The complex and unpredictable rhythms achieved pushed the boundaries of sound language forward, dissolving the no-man’s land between sound sculpture and music into liquid, malleable space. 

Duo Travagliando ended its residency on March 13 with Soirée à tympans pulsifs, a Bruitist music session presenting the results of their explorations. Also on the program were Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge’s duo Undo performing with guest Michel F. Côté on a collection of amplified sound devices, gutted tape recorders, and contact mics. 

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