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Double site : la danse des exceptions
Double site : la danse des exceptions Collectif (1998)

Avatar teamed up on the Internet with the Goethe Institut in Lisbon to explore the notion of real time. A variety of devices were used to stage an experimental dance performance with Internet prostheses.

Sound, images, and movement were digitized and transmitted across telephone lines.

In Quebec City, Avatar presented the entire piece as a lab where tests and connections formed an integral part of the event. In Lisbon, the public was invited to watch a violinist and dancer on stage moving and reacting to the set design in Quebec City. The two were combined and then shown on the Internet.

How do we understand ourselves? Who establishes the protocol for interactions? Does a simultaneous presence inspire communal creative work? Can the notion of distance still be understood in terms of length? Avatar sketched out guidelines, nuances, markers, and exceptions in response to these questions. 

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