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Danse Orchestrée
Danse Orchestrée Triska Sicuranzo Gagné (2022)

Triska Sicuranzo Gagné is in production residency at Avatar to carry out Danse Orchestrée, an installation in which an aurora borealis is translated into a pipe organ piece.

Three projections of the same aurora borealis will be directed towards the sky and captured on Plexiglas. The video of the aurora will be divided into red/green/blue (RGB) channels. Via electronic programming, each of these moving colours will generate its own soundtrack. These will then be superimposed in the space to be associated with their respective projection. During his residency, Sicuranzo Gagné will select the registers, tones and speed of the notes played to propose the sound of this atmospheric phenomenon.

This creative residency is part of the Plein Jeu project and is carried out in close collaboration with the ORCA research office of the Université Laval School of Art. 

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