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Crachecophage Jocelyn Robert et Laetitia Sonami (1999)

In Crachecophage, Jocelyn Robert and Laetitia Sonami set out to trace the audible outline of a sound object.

Their residency at Avatar in June 1997 was spent determining what their sound object’s outline might be. Efforts included examining its negation and looking for a frame of reference. In a second residency from September 26 to October 10, 1999, they also worked on sound outlines of a text, Robert’s Le scaphandre, and a place, Tibet.

Mario Gauthier, producer of L’espace du son on Radio-Canada’s Chaîne culturelle, was intrigued by their audio work and offered them the use of Radio-Canada’s Palais Montcalm studio in Quebec City to record it. There Robert and Sonami put together a 40 minute radio soundtrack from the results of their residency, which was broadcast on February 28 and August 29, 1998. The CD was launched in Quebec City on December 16, 1999, and presented in February 2000 at the Tic Toc International Festival of New Performance in Victoria, BC. Crachecophage was also featured on two instalments of the monthly program Excavation sonore on CKIA radio Quebec City.


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