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Avatar et Horizontal Radio
Avatar et Horizontal Radio Christof Migone, Fabrice Montal, James Partaik, Jocelyn Robert (1995)

Horizontal Radio was a radio creation project organized by the European group Ars Acoustica International.

Avatar helped define the concept—a 24-hour networked exchange between sound creators in Austria, Canada, Spain, and France.

For the event, Avatar arranged a joint project between Edmonton and Quebec City, which was broadcast live in Austria, Canada, and Hungary. Christof Migone created his radio piece in Edmonton, while in Quebec City Fabrice Montal, James Partaik, and Jocelyn Robert improvised a response. The two signals were then sent by telephone to Linz, where they were broadcast. They then returned to Budapest to be processed, combined, and again retransmitted. The creations, broadcast simultaneously in several countries and reformulated by the artists, gave the mechanism as a whole a kind of living character. 

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