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Avatar à Vingt mille lieues/lieux sur l’esker
Avatar à Vingt mille lieues/lieux sur l’esker Pierre-André Arcand, Jean-Pier Gravel, Diane Landry, Julie Leblond, Julie Lefebvre, Christof Migone, Jocelyn Robert et Josée Saint-Amant (1997)

Avatar presented two pieces at the third Symposium en arts visuels de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue in Amos on the theme “Vingt mille lieues/lieux sur l’esker” [twenty thousand leagues/locations along the esker].

The first was a series of performances at various points on the city’s main street. They were entitled Les stations Delacroix, (The Stations Ofthecross, with a pun on the painter) and were kicked off by an Avatar announcement on the local radio station. The second intervention, La meute des loups: concerto pour violon, scie à chaîne, took place on July 9 on Amos’s main bridge. The artists coordinated the actions of a pack of 90 runners equipped with sound sources and luminous objects (whistles and lights) who sped through the crowd of 4,000 spectators. 

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