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ÆTER & Inclinations
ÆTER & Inclinations Christian Skjødt (2018)

For the 19th consecutive year, Avatar is happy to team up with the Mois Multi festival held in Québec City from February 2 to February 25, 2018. This year, the public is invited to discover the work of Danish artist Christian Skjødt, in two venues.

In collaboration with the Mois Multi, Skjødt’s installation ÆTER will be open to the public from February 16 to February 25 at the Studio d'Essai in Méduse. Also from February 16 to February 25, as part of the Mois Multi, Avatar will be presenting another installation by the artist and composer, Inclinations, in its Studio, on the 5th floor at Méduse. Last year, Christian Skjødt was in residency at Avatar for the creation of ÆTER, as part of the partnership with ENCAC (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation), with LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

Studio d’Essai | February 16 to February 25, noon to 5 p.m. | Free admission
Opening on February 15, at 6 p.m.

With a minimalist, contemplative approach, ÆTER invites the visitor to a listening experience with aerial sounds. Methodically arranged in the space, a complex network of human-scale antennas captures the tiny inflexions of the invisible electromagnetic waves that travel the air. Like a theremin, the system produces mysterious wave-like sounds that constantly modulate themselves with the presence and wanderings of the visitors in the strange metallic forest. As if retransmitting cosmic vibrations, ÆTER seems to discern the materiality of the waves and perceive the impalpable. (Support : Avatar, Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Composers' Society's Production Pool and Koda's Cultural Funds, The European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC))

Studio d’Avatar | February 16 to February 25, Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. | Free admission
Opening on February 15, at 6 p.m.

Made of a set of identical, autonomous kinetics sculptures, Inclinations recalls and magnifies phenomena encountered in our daily environment. Sixteen small lightweight white balls placed on top of 16 speakers are put in motion by soundwave vibrations in frequencies inaudible to the human ear. A rhythmic and sonic flow arises, in a delicate, repetitive dance that gives the delightful illusion of seeing sounds and hearing movements. (Support : Danish Arts Foundation)

About Christian Skjødt
Christian Skjødt is a Danish artist who explores the material and aesthetical correlations between sounds and memory, through installations that work with the imperceptible. The artist sets site-specific autonomous systems from which immersive environments emerge. He compiles installations with a laboratory approach in which technical and physical experiments play a central role. Christian Skjødt’s installations can been seen as witnesses to what we are unable to perceive and to the boundary between our sensory apparatus and the materiality of the world. Besides his solo career, he has taken part in numerous collaborations, working interdisciplinary in the fields of composition, installation, theatre, dance and performance. He is also the founder and curator of the vinyl imprint Tonometer, objectifying exploratory sounds and music. Christian Skjødt currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, and holds a master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Denmark.

Discover skjodt.net

Mois Multi in short
The Mois Multi is an event produced and organized by the Productions Recto-Verso in February each year. The festival’s program gathers innovative works in the field of multidisciplinary and electronic arts. The Mois Multi is intended as an expression of the conceptual and technological mutations that shake up the unexpected forms and practices of multidisciplinary art. Its uniqueness stems from its interactive shows, installations, immersive environments and works merging artistic languages, materials, techniques, forms and processes of all kinds. moismulti.org

Photos: Inclinations © Marion Gotti - Avatar / Æter © Marion Gotti

ÆTER by Christian Skjødt, 2017 © Christian Skjødt
Mois Multi 2018
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