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A Colony
A Colony Nataliya Petkova (2015)

In fall 2014, Nataliya Petkova was in residency at Avatar for three weeks. She recorded the metamorphoses of Danaus plexippus - the Monarch butterfly.

A year later, the artist presents A Colony, a multimedia album. A set of 800 visual and auditory loops represent the life of the butterfly.

Inspired by the great migrations of the monarch, Nataliya Petkova think travel, the constant changes of places, on the eternal dialogue with our environments and our ability to adapt.

A Colony is a digital album through the Internet. As with migratory, the experience change depending on where the visitor are. The loops presented will be selected by IP address, itself encoded depending on where the computer is located. Finally, is the visitor who goes to the artwork or do the art comes to us?

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