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3 phases
3 phases Michael Snow (1999)

The idea of 3 Phases was to confront two sides of Michael Snow that seemed all too often isolated from one and other—the piano improviser and the conceptual artist.

Obscure studios and Avatar prepared for the inevitable clash. They outfitted the battle arena with a Disklavier computer-controlled grand piano and Max, a special programming software. Snow could use these tools to design sound edifices unconstrained by the irreducible limitations of muscles or the reflexes developed over years of keyboard practice. He would thus be free to transpose forms and structures from other disciplines into the realm of sound. As it turned out however, Snow was way ahead of us. This conflicted double figure resolved into a single artist without confrontation, and the one and only Michael Snow emerged, often hidden behind his many facets and fluencies, revealed in the absoluteness of his artistic unity and consistency. (After Jocelyn Robert)

The disk was launched in 1999.

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