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20 moments blancs lents
20 moments blancs lents Jocelyn Robert (1998)

Jocelyn Robert’s 20 Moments blancs lents was commissioned by La Chambre Blanche for its 20th anniversary in 1998.

The disk’s first eight tracks look back at the various premises occupied by La Chambre Blanche over the previous 20 years. From track 9 on, La Chambre Blanche’s current location takes centre stage, beginning from far away as only a faint outline and drawing ever closer to reveal even the finest texture of a laugh. This attempt to nail down a fragment of time was undertaken seriously, but proved futile—from far away or right close up, time slips from our grasp in every direction. (After Jocelyn Robert)

20 moments blancs lents was broadcast on April 24, 1998, on L’espace du son, hosted by Mario Gauthier, on Radio-Canada’s Chaîne culturelle.

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