Poésie pneumatique

Martin Bakero


Martin Bakero was invited to Avatar in 2010 for a residency to work on an issue involving marks and parallel language.

Through his explorations into the syllable, he created a poetic nomenclature of sound, images, and text. He sought to reinvent the link between words and objects and between the real and the imaginary. He described the possibility to breathe life into objects through poetry as Poésie pneumatique (pneumatic poetry). With an approach focusing on the breath, he used electroacoustic devices, which developed the work towards what he called the “electropneumatique” [electropneumatic].

During his residency, Martin Makero collaborated with Les entendeurs de voix, an organization for people with the unique ability to “hear voices.” The artist interviewed a number of such voice hearers and asked them what their experiences were and what the voices said to them. He then compiled an audio track relating the various stories. The audio piece was presented at Avatar in 2010, along with a lecture by the artist.

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