L’orgue à tuyaux et l’entretien de mon bras

Vincent Thériault


Avatar welcomes Vincent Thériault for an art residency made possible thanks to a Première Ovation in digital art.

During his residency, Thériault continues the research he started during the first Plein Jeu residency, setting up new systems of improvisation for MIDIfied pipe organ. For his solo project, L’orgue à tuyaux et l’entretien de mon bras, he wants to develop a relationship of co-construction, even of encroachment, between his gestures, his own computing systems, and the “organ” agent. At the same time, he considers the brief, quick recording context of his works at Palais Montcalm, examining the reactive recording modes that were created and placed all around the space where the organ is located.


Vincent Thériault

Born in Québec City, Vincent Thériault is completing a Bachelor of Visual and Media Arts at Université Laval. He has received an undergraduate scholarship from the International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technology (Université Laval) for his research on the computer-controlled pipe organ. Under the supervision of Jocelyn Robert, his research was integrated and disseminated as part of Avatar’s programming in the collective project, Plein Jeu. He is a member of the sonic, performative, and conceptual collective, MMV2005, which has been active in Québec City’s experimental and improvisational music scene for over a year, and he participated in a satellite project of the Rencontres de musiques spontanées in Rimouski, in October 2022.

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