Im-Mi Para/Site

Liping Ting

Installation / Performance

At Avatar, the Taiwanese artist develops the sound component of his project Im-Mi Para / Site realized as part of a three-week residency at Le Lieu.

For the project Im-Mi Para / Site, Liping Ting develops a sculptural installation nourished and stimulated by a sound composition of polyphonic voices, mixing both silences and cacophonies. Using the spiral as a guideline for her research, she explores movement, rhythm, breath, hiatus, suspension and silence through the body and voice.

The performative and installation work of Liping Ting is presented from November 17 to December 10 at Le Lieu, 345 du Pont Street in Québec City. During this period, the artist invests the gallery of Le Lieu and makes several performances that will occur each afternoon, from Thursday to Sunday.

Photos : EX Vacuum @ Liping Ting

Liping Ting lived and worked in Paris from 1989 to 2012. She holds a Master’s degree in Theater from Paris III University. Since 2012, she lives in Taiwan. His works intersect with various disciplines such as art, literature, theater, music and philosophy. She draws her influences from the work of John Cage, Samuel Beckett and Chinese poet-philosopher Zhuang-Zi. Liping Ting is an interdisciplinary artist who produces video works, installations and performances. Between 1998 and 2004, she co-organized Topo-phonie in Paris, a set of sound experiments and performances presented in public places. In the collective In-Ouïr, she organizes the live magazine InFormo and the In-Ouïr festival, ça vaut jamais le réel at Instants Chavirés, in Montreuil from 2002 to 2008. The artist presented her projects and realized some residencies in Europe (France / Germany / Italy) and Asia (China / Taiwan).

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