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We are committed to researching,
creating, and disseminating
audio and electronic art

To instigate and carry out specific projects that support and renew the discipline, such as the commissioning of artworks and acoustic excavations.

The residencies are structured according to the needs of the project and the artist: one-time or ongoing support as well as accompaniment at all stages of creation.

An incubator for emerging practices and an essential resource for established artists.

Creation and production are supported in very practical ways.

Access to well-equipped work spaces, specialist advice, sharing of expertise, collaborative interactions and research.  

Photo Méduse
Photo © Marion Gotti - Avatar projet A.S-O

Spaces and list of equipment

The various spaces: recording studio, control room, editing studio, electronic laboratory and workspaces are professionally equipped to support exploration, discussion and emulation.

An array of specialized studio equipment that is kept up to date and offers a broad spectrum of technical solutions and cutting-edge production and post-production tools.

Specialized equipment: the Disklavier, an electromechanical keyboard controlled by a MIDI system, enabling artists to conceive unique piano pieces.

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Photo © Marion Gotti - Avatar

Workshops & Training


Avatar offers multiple fields of exploration in audio and electronic art throughout the year.

Sound artists, media arts professionals, beginners in audio art
Stay tuned!

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Modalities and registrations

You must be an Avatar member to participate in the trainings. All training takes place at Avatar's premises. Payment methods and membership registration (details here)

Registration fees

Registration fees differ from one course to another. These must be paid before the registration deadline to validate and keep your presence at the training.

Cancellation Policy

Avatar reserves the right to postpone or cancel a training if the number of registrations is insufficient. In the event of cancellation, registration fees will be all refunded.

Since the holding of the formations depends on the number of registrations, be informed that a withdrawal can lead to the cancellation of the activity. For a refund of registration fees, you must notify us in writing or by telephone as soon as possible, no later than 10 working days before the training.


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