Danse Orchestrée

Triska Sicuranzo Gagné


For Québec Musiques Parallèles 2022, artist Triska Sicuranzo Gagné presents the installation Danse Orchestrée.

To what tune does the aurora borealis dance? The exploration of these light phenomena in the sky led to the project Danse Orchestrée. Fascinated by these “dances” that few people get to see, Sicuranzo Gagné wanted to explore what else they could offer beyond our retinas. The idea of transposing them into sound quickly came to the fore. The installation presents a video divided into three red/green/blue (RGB) channels, and each of these moving colours generates its own soundtrack. Drawing on the registers and timbers of the pipe organ, the artist proposes the sound of the aurora borealis in three superimposed melodies played in the space, creating a poetic, immersive whole.

This installation is part of the Plein Jeu project initiated by Avatar, an artist-run centre dedicated to audio art and electronics, and was carried out in close collaboration with the ORCA research group at the Art School of Université Laval.

Presented at La Charpente des fauves (Québec City), October 6 to 8, 2022.

Triska Sicuranzo Gagné

Triska Sicuranzo Gagné is a visual and media artist originally from Beauce who now lives and works in Québec City. She has a Bachelor of Visual and Media Arts from Université Laval, where she is currently pursuing a master’s degree. In 2021–2022, Sicuranzo Gagné got a residency at Avatar, an artist-run centre dedicated to audio art and electronics, to create Danse Orchestrée, a digital art project in which she asks the question “to what tune does the aurora borealis dance?”. She has participated in several group exhibitions and events, including the sound art event at the Abbaye Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil organized by EXEcentrer. Since finishing college, her work has stood out, and the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches acquired three works for its public collection in 2018. More recently, she won the Concours du Drapeau of the Art School of Université Laval, and her work will fly from a Québec City flagpole from September 12 to 19, 2022.

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