Fret Frette

Fret FretteDelphy Boudreau, Samah Saidi, Vincent Thériault, Hannah Lyssens, Anouk Kellner, Tinneke Van Ransbeeck, and their teachers Julie Faubert and Jeroen Vandesande. 2023 In 2022-2023, three students from the École…

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Plein Jeu au Palais Montcalm, 2021-Philip Gagnon

Plein Jeu

Plein Jeu Avatar Event / 2021 For the first public event of Plein Jeu, Avatar organized an evening of sound works made for MIDI-controlled pipe organ. Without having to touch the…

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Douze horizons, eRikm HorizonseRikm Performance Performance as part of the Québec Musiques Parallèles tourIn 2005, I began researching and experimenting with a kind of post-musique concrète. I’ve been working with the contrast…

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