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Pianotissage Philippe Lauzier (2018)

A residency in collaboration with Belinda Campbell

As part of this research residency, Philippe Lauzier is developing a sound installation rooted in the harmonic table of a grand piano. Inspired by the weaving loom system, entangled threads come down from suspended furniture and sneak around the piano chords. The musical instrument is thus supplemented with a mechanical apparatus that allows a manual or motorised reeling or retracting of the threads. As an inordinately long bow, the system’s coloured weaving produces a sound partition while being part of the kinetic aspect of the installation. Even though the work can be programmed, Philippe Lauzier collaborates here with pianist and artist Belinda Campbell, who will interact with the apparatus in an organic manner. The piece interpreted is taken from Philippe Lauzier’s répertoire.

About Philippe Lauzier

Philippe Lauzier is an improviser musician, a composer and an interdisciplinary artist. After studies in composition from 1998 to 2002, he dedicates much of his time to the art of improvisation on the saxophone, and later, the bass clarinet who becomes his instrument of predilection. He takes place in several tours and residencies in Canada, Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia and China. His interest for interdisciplinary and collaborative practices also led him to create sound installations for various festivals, as well as original music for films and dance. Since 2015, Philippe has been developing an interdisciplinary production at the cross-road of music, sound, and visual arts with artist Frédérique Laliberté (Motel Hélène). With more than fifteen albums to his credit, Philippe has recently made three solo works.

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Residency P. Lauzier
Residency P. Lauzier
Residency P. Lauzier
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