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LA MAJORITÉ Le Bureau de l'APA (2020–2021)

“LE BUREAU DE L'APA wants to create sound performances with LA MAJORITÉ. Make images with noises, words, and voices. Tell poetry some scary stories."

Avatar is proud to welcome Le Bureau de l'APA in creation residency from December 1 to 15, 2020. For a few days now, the artists have been occupying a satellite space in the city. The project they are working on, LA MAJORITÉ, will be launched this winter. In the meantime, the team sends us little winks, like this short video where we meet their guest artist...



Le Bureau de l'APA (Quebec City) is an undisciplined performing arts company that aims to bring together artists from all fields to work on atypical creative projects.                                                                                      https://www.bureaudelapa.com


Teaser : La vraie vérité vraiment vérifiable 

Photo : Véronique St-Amand

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