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Lucioles Anton Roca (2020)

Lucciole (Italian) — Lucioles (French) — Cuques de llum (Catalan — my mother tongue)

“For as far back as I can recall, fireflies have always been present in my life. I remember late spring and early summer evenings as a child when the progress of this iridescent mystery through the starlit air already completely absorbed me. However, as of the 1970s, the transition to a farming system based on the indiscriminate use of herbicides and pesticides initiated their slow decline.  

In 2010, as soon as I arrived in the small Italian commune of San Romano, I built my studio and the art centre Rad’Art. I took great care of the land next to the building. Over time, the fireflies started to return. Every spring for the last five years, erratic lights glimmer in constellations over the surrounding hills. The space becomes a theatre of the fragile and ghostly dance of fireflies...”

With Lucioles, Anton Roca wishes to pay tribute to nature’s ability to regenerate by capturing the dance of fireflies in San Romano through video recordings. Anchoring the work in time, he aims to create an archive of millions of luminous flickers.

With the assistance of Avatar, the luminous impulses will be converted into sound impulses on the Disklavier piano. Every luminous impulse will mark a point. Like music notes on a score, each point will correspond to a sound and value in terms of its duration, dimension, and position. 

Begun in 2018, Lucioles will culminate with the release of a new work by Roca, created with Avatar’s famous Disklavier, a piano fitted with electromechanical solenoids controlled by a MIDI system that artists can use to develop unique digital works. In a poetic sense, the fireflies (alive and well) will give an audiovisual concert that will carry from Italy all the way to Quebec City.

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Anton Roca

Photo : Jeffrey Poirier - Avatar
Photo : Jeffrey Poirier - Avatar
Photo : Jeffrey Poirier - Avatar
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