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We are committed to researching,
creating, and disseminating
audio and electronic art

Our involvement at every step of artistic projects can take many forms, from technical and conceptual advice to the coproduction of the whole work. Whether established or emerging, the artists invited for a residency at Avatar benefit from the same enthusiastic support. We also publish artistic and theoretical texts, and ensure their distribution. Avatar supports artists in the dissemination of their work and regularly acts as an exhibitor of installations, performances, public artworks, conferences and seminars, etc.

List of equipment

With two decades of experience, Avatar has in-depth knowledge in terms of developing and supporting new media projects. 

Whether you are an established or a budding artist or just looking for creative support, Avatar can help! From technical advice to personalized artistic support and assistance, our team has all the tools you need to make your project a reality.

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Workshop 2017-2018


Master class with Mario Gauthier :
- For professional artist
- For Avatar's member
- Max. 10 participants
- Intermediate level

To register, thanks for sending us a short paragraph of interest (your technical and artistic interests) and a CV by email to Marion Gotti : communication@avatarquebec.org

A total of 15 hours of training - DATES TO COME

Day 1
Morning : Recording : microphone types and theories
Afternoon : Practical Lessons

Day 2
Morning : Numerical optimization and theory
Afternoon : Theory (continued) + individual work - Guided Listening to individual work - Complement of theory and practice on the basis of listening in the morning

If necessary, we can provide hosting solutions (conditions: availability and rates)


June 2nd 2017 at 4:00 pm to June 4th 2017 at 5:30 pm

Trainer: Mario Gauthier

Microphones, recording and mastering

150.00$ (regular) – 150.00$ (student)

Music kiosk, Mario Gauthier, Chantal Dumas and Christian Calon - Victoriaville, 2014
Selfportrait by Mario Gauthier
Radiomusic : Chantal Dumas and Mario Gauthier